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Hail Damage

Has your home or business been hit by a hailstorm recently?

Leave it to the experts and

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Here’s what you can do to prevent and address potential storm damage:

Conduct routine examinations of your home or business

Know how old your roof is and spot-check it every spring and fall

After a storm…

Look for attic leaks, blistering or peeling paint, and shingle damage

Sometimes, damage from a storm isn’t visible from the ground, and it can be dangerous to try to fix roof damage without the proper tools and training. That’s why Pahmiyer Roofing & Construction provides free roof consultations for Waco homes and businesses.


What we look for during the free consultation:

  • AShingle granules in the gutters
  • ADents on metal roof components
  • ASpots in a random pattern showing granular loss

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